OST Cuántas muertas son muchas (theatre)

OST "Cuántas muertas son muchas" (Theatre)

  • Cartel Cuantas Muertas
    Cartel Cuantas Muertas
  • Circulo Del Pesar
    Circulo Del Pesar
  • Pena En Transito
    Pena En Transito
  • Anuncios
  • Primer Plano
    Primer Plano
  • Representacion General
    Representacion General
  • Inicio De La Obra
    Inicio De La Obra
  • Aplauso Final
    Aplauso Final


Format: Theatre.
Year: 2023.
Directora: Esther Lobato


Solo tú sabrás

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Theater work carried out within the Lilagune program of the Uribe-Kosta community.  
"As I write this article, violence against women has claimed – so far this year, up to July 10 – 28 fatalities that have left 33 children orphaned, but I fear that the number will continue to grow if we do not radically change the state of fact that we suffer, or if we allow those who seek to govern us to marginalize or cover up this reality with false arguments. The goal is “not one more”. B.G. (spanish judge)

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