Ángela Mintegi

Ángela Mintegi

Hi, my name is Angela Mintegi and I do compose Music for Media.

Film Score

The Soundtrack of the movie has the capacity of opening gates of understanding that the visual perception doesn´t provide by itself. And it expresses feelings that go further than the text and the photography. 

  • Composition of the original film score
  • Orquestation
  • Arrangement
  • Musical copyist
  • Digitalization of sheets

Music for Publicity

An advertising spot with a length of few seconds  keep in a lot of information in it. The music gets to roll the message and making the spot popular by a single jingle that is recognizable just by humming.

  • Jingles for TV and Radio
  • Music logos for TV channels
  • Web  Spot Adverstiments
  • Web Commercial Videos 
  • Music for Commercials


I can adapt to very diverse projects and work systems, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to assist you.

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